Last night our computer system crashed sending us into frenzy mode. Nights of all nights! It was the busiest night ever!

We had no inkling initially… customers were patiently waiting for their food to arrive until it became apparent that something was wrong! The orders keyed in were not relayed to the kitchens and ordered food wasn’t being whipped up. Oh No!! The Red Wok crew (including the bosses) had to be quicker on their feet to remedy the problem and get their hungry customers their orders.

To all our customers on the night of 10 April 2010, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding. We will endeavour to keep such glitches at an absolute minimum. If you’re happy, we are happy!

Kudos to the Red Wok Team who kept their cool and managed the situation the best they could.


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