Our Location!

Kajang Exit

From Seremban Highway Toll, take exit 210 to Kajang. After you exit the toll, keep left and then keep centre lane and follow sign to Bandar Baru Bangi. Go straight, pass ESSO, Shell and Petronas on your left. Keep going straight until you reach a T-junction, turn left on traffic light. Go straight about 2km and you reach roundabout. Take 9 o’clock exit and keep going straight pass a traffic light and Red Wok is on your right. Look out for the big red wall!

Bangi Exit

From Seremban Highway Toll, take exit 211 to Bangi. After the toll, take the 12 o’clock exits at the next 3 roundabouts. At the next traffic light, go straight. Our restaurant is on your right.


Map to Red Wok (pdf)

GPS Coordinates

N02.97518  E101.77144

<Click Here for Google Maps!>


2 thoughts on “Our Location!”

  1. salam…. i went there last friday to have dinner with my family…. superb… very delicious… good environment with air-cond toilet… only
    one suggestion from me to have a proper muslim/muslimah uniform

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