Steamboat Galore

The Malaysian Chinese love their steamboat sessions… a nice gathering round the table over a steaming pot of delicious soup with the soup getting sweeter and tastier with each round of fresh food cooked.  It’s not the usual kind of dinner where everything is finished at a single seating. Steamboat is a relaxing dinner, where friends and family chit chat while waiting for the soup to come to a boil and then adding the 101 steamboat delicacies into the soup to be cooked. What goes in? Well, there’s usually different kinds of meat, fish and other sea food like squid, clams and crab, bean curd, different types of fish ball, cuttlefish balls and more. This may take a few rounds… 🙂 The makan session is usually finished with the noodles, egg and a handful of vegetables (if that is you can still fit it in!).

What’s important in steamboat?

1. the chilli sauce/dip – this has got to have the unique taste and punch

2. the soup – it has got to be sweet/tasty without being overloaded with MSG

3. fresh ingredients

Red Wok has all three! Red Wok also offers 3 types of soup base – Tom Yam Soup, Clear Chicken Soup and Herbal Soup. It’s in-house chilli sauce/dip is specially blended (it’s a secret!) and it comes in 2 types. You’ll just have to try it! It’s really a case of belum try – belum tahu, sudah try – lagi mahu! The steamboat lovers would surely be smitten. Be warned, the green one is quite fiery!

With over 100 varieties to choose from an all-you-can-eat buffet counter, which also includes a variety of cooked dishes like rice and noodles (for those that need to have their carbo-fix), fried dumplings, samosas as well as fruits and ice cream for dessert, having Red Wok’s steamboat is value for money! Unlimited cool and refreshing cordial drink is also available for steamboat patrons.

For the adventurous, the Korean Style Sizzling Steamboat is an alternative where you have both grill and steamboat in one. You can’t miss the lovely aroma of succulent grilled meat wafting around the Red Wok Restaurant.

Steamboat Buffet Price 


Adults   –   RM30++

Children – RM18++

Korean Sizzling Steamboat

Adults  –    RM35++

Children – RM22++


Children under 99cm eat for FREE
Price does not include 6% government tax


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